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Grey or Green Santolina, aka "lavender cotton"

   This is a delightful topiary plant, non-edible, that you see
featured in the higher end catalogs around Christmas time.

   The gray santolina is shown as a small Christmas tree shaped plant
with red ribbons tied on it's branches and the green is usually also
in a pot with white ribbons on it's branches.

   This plant is perfect for a topiary as it's somewhat slow growing
but easily shaped to form the tree shape.  It is most often used
outside to line walkways or to droop over rocks, or off a ledge.
If you get a chance walk by our downtown herb gardens and you will
see if drooping/hanging over the edge of the wall next to the Town's
Christmas tree, a holly.  These are all gray santolinas and if you're
lucky maybe they will be in bloom.

   Santolina has a very pretty distinctive yellow blossom that reminds
you of chamomile flower.  Nice fragrance also.

   If you plant several of them in a bunch they will over time expand
out and create a nice gray mat of color in your landscape.

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