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           Isn't it strange how today we sample wines to see
if we can taste the "oak", "spices" and we are checking to see if
it has "legs".  Basically we've gone backwards from the path of

   Originally wine was the beverage of choice and not due to it's
abundance but to the lack of quality clean water.  In earlier
civilizations they may not have known what caused sickness but they
did make the connect to dirty water.  To avoid sickness they would
drink fermented fruits with other nuts and items added in for flavor.

   Flavor was a problem but it was not a problem for the wealthy.
One of the most prized spices was sugar.  Sugar added that extra
element of sweetness which was so craved by the populace.  The poor
or simply dry and use the leaves of the Stevia plant.

   Of course the only folks who could afford sugar were the wealthy
and the wines of choice were those that had been sweetened by sugar.

   Isn't it interesting how ( if you are of my age set - ancient!!)
the really good wines of Ripple, Boone's Farm, Apple, Mogen David,
Thunderbird and Mad Dog 20-20 were so in touch with the past but lost
in the present?
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