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                      How to Grow Rosemary, Lavender and Sage in The Philipines  ( An email conversation with Evelyne - read bottom to top for progression )

    Hi Evelyne,

     You're doing great with the computer.  It's very hard to learn and can be very frustrating unless you have someone around to help so hang in there!!!  


  On the rosemary:  it hates to have what is called "wet feet", roots stay moist.

 Solution is:  mound some dirt up, so the mound is higher than ground level and plant the rosemary bush into that mound.  That way when it rains the water goes through the mound, over the roots, and settles lower than the roots so no wet feet. 

                Other option is to plant rosemary on side of a hill in full sun.  Rain now runs over, off and down away from root system.


     Lavender can be planted in same area but there are multiple varieties of lavender.  You need the varieties Grosso, Munstead, Spanish and stay away from fringed leaf lavenders such as Provence, English.


      Sage is probably wrong kind of sage but the basic edible sage is what is called Garden Sage, salvia officinalis.   There are literally 1,000's of sages but not all culinary.  Pineapple sage is great with ruby red flowers which makes for nice color on white icing cake with the flowers or put the pineapple flavored leaves in a fruit or garden salad.  You can also sub in Bergarteen Sage for the Garden Sage - larger leaf probably hardier in your hot climate.

    Growing herbs in tropical climates is quite different than in our zone 7's, but remember herbs are local weeds that benefical uses are found for.

 Hope this helps and keep pecking away on that new computer!!

  Herbanite Bob


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Hi bob,
   im from bacolod city philippines, and growing a lot oh herbs in my garden. Im getteing my seeds from my sister in the states. My biggest problem is how to grom rosemary, sgae and lavender.  though they are all perrennials, yet they have the tendency to bolt. Wish you can help me with your technology. As of now i have a small green house with plastic roof, as i observed rosemary cant stand too much rain.                                   

     Im sorry if im not writing correctly, as i have just started using a computer. I learned as i go on. Again thanks!


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Subject: Back to you Evenlyne, RE: Welcome evelyne and Thank you

Thanks Evelyne,


   Where do you live?  I'm in N.C. but we've lost a wonderful generation of folks who knew how to use herbs such as when to pick them, what part to use and how to prepare it.  It was the little old black ladies who lived in the moutains and depended on herbs and plants for their medicines.  As new drugs became available the lessons learnd were not passed on to new generations so the knowledge is dying with the little old ladies. 


   You'll get many more tips off these weekly emails and hope you enjoy.  Best to you.


Herbanite Bob


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hi herbanite Bob
     im so glad to communicate with you, as there are so many things i want to knoe about herbs. In our place here only few do appreciate the use of fresh herbs in both culinary and medicinal purposes. In our place we have a lot of medicinal herbs growing as wild plants. So im doing a lot of research in the internet. But there are some i cant find. im sure i will learn a lot from you, being an expert in herbs. again thanks herbanite bob, and gudnyte.


mamabels of bacolod city

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