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Why Is Lemon Balm So Fragrant But Has Small Amount Of Essential Oil?

Lemon Balm - A Perennial

Matt G:

     I have a question... lemon balm is allegedly expensive because of the low amount of volatile oils in the leaves. But, if you've ever grown it, you know that it's not a subtle fragrance if you brush up against it. If the oil content is so low, how come it puts off such a strong fragrance?

Herbanite Bob:

         Matt not that this is really an answer or necessarily complete but the "fragrance" is also associated not only with oil content but also with volatility of the oil.  Ex. is bay leaves ( laura nobilis) has probably a higher concentration than Lemon Balm but it's not as volatile so therefor our olfactory receptor sites do not pick up the fragrance due to less of the oil in nose than with Lemon Balm.  If Bay has an oil content of 100, volatility of 10,  and Balm is oil content of 30, yet volatility of 90 one will "smell"the Balm but not the Bay.  Hope that makes sense.


Video - How To Grow Organic Herbs For Profit


     Nice "how to" grow organic herbs starting with a certified organic farm video.    More than one way to skin a cat and this video offers low cost tips on how to carve a "certified organic herbs" selling to restaurants and other outlets seeking certified organic herbs.   HerbFest not only sells certified organic herbs, vegetables but our herbs are also from certified organic root stock or mother plants.  


Growing Certified Organic Herbs For The Restaurant Industry Video


How To Container Garden Herbs With Organic Soil And Compost Video


   Container Herb Gardening Tips Using Organic Potting Soil and Organic Mulch Video


      Tips on why and how to container garden your herbs.   Climate control using containers is possible because one can control the herbs that need shade versus sun or partial sun. With containers more different varieties of herbs can be grown in smaller spaces and organically.   The herbs shown here are all from organic sources and grown in a certified organic farm coming from Non GMO stock available at the Wake Forest HerbFest.   The HerbFest is now over 20 years old, with 16 consecutive years in Wake Forest, N.C. as of 2015. 


Herb or Vegetable? What is Cardoon?

Cardoon or Cardune Is Herb & Vegetable

        Cardoon is known as a showplace focal plant in landscape design.   Beautiful blue hair like artichoke type blossoms which can be dried and used as centerpiece in floral arrangements.   Also an edible with the leaves and stalk being eaten.   In Europe fields of this gorgeous plant can be seen.   A perennial plant ( Zone 7 and below) , going dormant in winter, re-emerging in spring and self seeding.   Often used as the center focal plant in many U.S. gardens.   Available at Wake Forest HerbFest most years. 


Toscany & Rainbow Strawberries For Sale At Wake Forest Herbfest 2015

Organic, Local, Non GMO HerbFest Strawberry Plants

Toscany Strawberry Plants

       Toscana, or Tuscany as it is widely known, is celebrated as the birthplace of the Italian renaissance. And it's in that spirit that we are offering an enlightened strawberry perfect for intimate dimensions. (Italy is also famous for fitting a lot of style into limited space.) Toscana produces attractive rose flowers and a luscious fruit in a plant perfectly sized for patios, balconies or smaller beds and gardens. 2011 Fleuro Star Award.



Rainbow Treasure Strawberries

   Very show-super eye catcher in a large pot or basket! Rainbow Treasure is an ornamental edible with beautiful spring blooms of white, pink and rose, followed by juicy-sweet, scented berries. With a creeping habit, it makes a great groundcover but also looks beautiful when grown in containers on your deck.  Biennial – 2 year life, comes back next year.


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