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Benefits of Eating Onions, Cooked or Raw

Onion is being applied for many years for adding taste to foods and for therapeutic properties. It is antifungal and antibacterial.

Various people combined onion juice with vinegar and use it in their warts and freckles. It is thought that it can reduce or remove the skin ailments. It is effective to help the body in fighting infections like that of the urinary tract.


There are a lot of benefits that you acquire from it. It is actually good for diabetics. If insulin in blood increases, the sugar or glucose level mechanically falls down to normal. It boosts the production of insulin. Just for information, a hormone that manages the level of glucose in your blood. For consumption, it can be cooked, fried, eaten raw, roasted or dried. It is usually used to flavor soups, dips, salads, stir-fry, spreads and so on. If you want to have good source of antioxidants, it is your solution because it contains a lot of vitamin C that is very beneficial as antioxidant.

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Herbanite Dinner

Bob Johnson cooks up a tasty herbanite meal using organically grown herbs and vegetables from their garden.

Rosemary, basil, and sweet bay used for the Italian spaghetti sauce along with some daylilies for beauty.  Enjoy this cooking with herbs video advocating the Herbanite lifestyle.

Check out the great video.

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Garlic or Regular Chives

      Now they both look long and slender, both are same color and unless they are blooming are difficult to determine whether one is buying garlic or regular chives.  What is the difference?

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Flavor/fragrance Changes In Herbs - Why?

It's always interesting watching people describe their flavor experiences with herbs. The flavor and fragrance do change based upon several factors:

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