For Energy Use Cooked Foods, Not Raw, Sesoned with Organic Herbs            For More Energy Use Herbs To Season Cooked Foods

   Often the Herbanite assumes there is more nutrient matter in non processed foods, than in processed foods.  

It seems the popular belief is the "processing of foods" destroys some of the nutrition found in the raw, natural state however this new study out of Harvard indicates there are some other considerations before making the leap of faith.   Specifically discussed is the process our body goes through to digest the food involves the use of a lot of energy.  If the food has been pre-processed, prior to consumption, then much of the energy needed to process the food is not necessary.   The saving of the energy for processing by cooking, offsets the loss of energy of the body in processing the natural raw food.

   You can click here to see the study from Smart Brief For Nutritionists,  but it's interesting how what appears to be simple, never is!!!  Now till the next study we'll go with this.  :)

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