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  A Video Series On The History of Historic Downtown Wake Forest N.C. - Home of The HerbFest

     It's not the buildings, it's not the beautiful homes and landscapes but it is the people who you share time with, you work and play with,  that make up what is the interesting history of any place.  Buildings are not historical, the people who were there are.  

      Please enjoy the History of Wake Forest Video Series to acquaint each of us with where we are, who went before us, and how lucky we are to have had some good folks here. 

      Here's the first video of the Fun filled factoids of the history of Wake Forest and why you might enjoy being here compliments of The Cotton Company in Historic Downtown Wake Forest.

For The Second Video in the Series Go Here:  Visit  the only Wake Forest Skyscraper and why a rake and hoe to attend W. F. College -
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