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Nasturtiums - Those Beautiful Herbal Edible Flowers

Taste that peppery flavor of those Nasturtium flowers grown organically at HerbFest.  Video.


Weight Loss Herbs

   IMage of herbs for weight loss

Losing Weight With Herbs

  One of the biggest strengths of using herbs is the weight loss that can occur, not so much due to the properties of herbs, but due to the loss of appetite for fattening substances. Often the trick is not when one consumes herbs that they "magically" lose weight, but once the palette is adjusted and favors the delicate nuances of herb seasonings then the traditional fats, sugars will no longer taste good. It' s this change, and it's generally permanent, that helps lose weight and keep it off.

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Video on The Cardoon Plant - Herb or Vegetable

Cardoon - Herb or Vegetable? 

You decide after watching this video:


Venison Recipe Using Herbs

Venison Recipe Using Fresh Rosemary, Bay Leaves and Oregano

Image of deer in forest used for deer venison recipe

   Most venison (this is deer meat)  is overcooked which one has to guard against.  It's a tender meat with practically no fat, very lean.    If you’ve had carpaccio with the seared outside, red inside, it is very similar except the below is exceptionally tasty.

    * Garlic salt and ground pepper on outside of venison, after marinating in a cheap crappy red wine for 24 hours ( can’t use my good drinking stuff! )

    * Sear venison  in skillet and remove to pan below,

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Pasta and Fagioli Recipe Image of Herb Recipe Italian Pasta and Fagioli


Pasta and Fagioli Soup Recipe

1. Start off with at least a quart-sized pan... 3 or so cloves of garlic simmered in a tablespoon of olive oil until the cloves are transparent, but not browned. Add about 8-10 oz of crushed tomatoes (Italian brand from a can..Cento's or  Progresso brand...if you use fresh pureed tomatoes you'll have to add some tomato paste to thicken it up)  into the oil and let simmer for 15 minutes..stirring so it doesn't burn.

While the tomato "sauce" is simmering, boil up enough water to handle the amount of pasta you want to have....3/4 of a pd is usually is enough for up to 4 people (I tend to use smaller pastas and thrown in a variety of different ones.....)

While the pasta is cooking al denta  empty your beans into the sauce and continue to simmer. Once your paste is ready, add it to the sauce and then add enough water to allow it to be "soupy"  (like these directions!)...flavor with salt and pepper and I usually usually thrown in a sprinkle of rosemary.

Some people will add some veggies, like carrots or celery so it's more like a soup, but I make ours a bit thicker and tend to keep it simple.

Cook the whole thing for another 10 minutes....and then you should be ready. It's actually called "peasant food" in Italy because it's so basic and cheap to make....

No need to buy raw beans and soak...get 'em from a can!..

Garnish with oregano, basil or parsley.


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