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   How To Prepare Fresh Figs From The Garden.

Here's the story. 

     About 2 years ago, at Home Depot they had the "end the season finale sale" on fruit trees.   I bought  4 fig trees, 2 different varieties at a the bargain discount rate of $5.00 each.    3 of the 4 were planted in our soil in the garden and 1 was planted in my annual leaf mulch pile.   Well as you may guess the first 3 are about 2.5 to 3 feet tall, the mulch pile is over 8 feet and about 7 feet wide.   This experience is not new to us at all as history has shown the best mulch and best place to plant is in old leaf mulch, bear nothing. 

     This year my wife has started collecting figs to take to the hospital for her "Paleo lunch" treat and has fallen in love with fresh figs.   She asked me to get a cheese that would go with figs and yesterday I bought some mascarpone ( soft sweet Italian ).   She researched recipes for new ideas as we are not really into canning and I don't want to can figs if can avoid it.   

    Well above is the picture of my meal I prepared for her and we both loved it.   The mahi mahi was first sprinkled with little bit of salt, fresh ground pepper and slowly sizzled in my cast iron frying pan in small amount of butter, no EVOO on this.    The other piece of mahi mahi was marinated in a teriyaki ( sp?) sauce for about 30 minutes then sauteed in the frying pan in butter.   The fish was absolutely delicious, flaky, not oily, and the natural flavor came out in the non marinated and the teriyaki provided the experience of another type fish so went well.  The total amount of fish, for both of us, was 15 ounces.

     Next were the new fig recipes and split the figs, put on fresh basil leaves, one set of figs has mascarpone on them and the other is simply a balsamic vinegar drizzle.   Wrap in the basil and eat.   Oh they were great.

     Of course what else you see below is our old standby-  fresh home grown tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil drizzled in the EVOO.   Not only great tasting, good for you, but also nice presentation.




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