Mint Water Poached Egg Tuna Salad Recipe

    At  Herbfest 2010,  a gentleman from Brazil approached me to tell me how his family used mint when he was growing up.  I remembered it and tried it, to my delight.  

   Simple, easy, relaxing as you smell the mint when you cut and continue to smell as you cook.

    I made a very simple tuna salad using fresh ingredients ( you can make one better than I can so I'll not mention how or you might laugh at me!!)

    I had toasted some Sunflower bread and put the tuna salad on it.  Then I  took  Mint - leaves and stalks,  put them in half inch water in iron skillet with water boiling.

    Left them there for about 3-4 minutes and extracted the leaves and  stalks (aroma was wonderful).

    Took the eggs and poached them in my newly minted mint water.   After poaching, put over the tuna, made a simple hollandaise sauce, and

 sprinkled fresh French tarragon over the sauce covering my mint poached egg.

    Very simple, fresh, light ( might want to avoid Hollandaise sauce if want to stay fat free) and my girls all remarked -

 "Dad this could be your best meal ever!! "

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