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Video of The Famous Wake Forest Gazebo Moving To New Home At Festival Park

     For more than a decade the Gazebo has been the home of DRC events and other activities in downtown Wake Forest.  Situated in the "municipal parking lot", taking up 4 parking spaces, it was our only venue for outdoor performances, bands, sitting on Santa's lap, National Prayer Day, and so much more.  It was not old enough to be certified "historic" but that's only an "official" designation for departmental regs., not in our lives.  For us it's historic and we did not want to lose it, basically for sentimental reasons. Buildings do not have histories, people do.

    At the ribbon cutting for phase I of the downtown streetscape project we heard the plans were to destroy it, which seemed a shame.  Long story short is the town basically gave us ownership in exchange for moving it.   We did, it is, and thanks to
Alan Brown here is a short video on our old Wake Forest Gazebo relocating to it's new home here at Festival Park, home of family friendly festivals such as HerbFest. 

    Glad to have the Gazebo here so there can be many more memorable moments for so many.   The Wake Forest Gazebo is now at it's new home,  Festival Park, home of the Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment (GJCAE), and the true "home of family friendly festivals" as the memories will continue.

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