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Venison Recipe Using Fresh Rosemary, Bay Leaves and Oregano

Image of deer in forest used for deer venison recipe

   Most venison (this is deer meat)  is overcooked which one has to guard against.  It's a tender meat with practically no fat, very lean.    If you’ve had carpaccio with the seared outside, red inside, it is very similar except the below is exceptionally tasty.

    * Garlic salt and ground pepper on outside of venison, after marinating in a cheap crappy red wine for 24 hours ( can’t use my good drinking stuff! )

    * Sear venison  in skillet and remove to pan below,

    * Use skillet to saute half large sweet onion until transculucent. 
    * Put in baking pan, ran a rosemary stem lengthwise through meat and put rosemary leaves around it in baking pan   
    * Also knowing how rare the meat was with no sign of any visible fat, all lean, so I smeared couple pats of butter along top edge so when goes in over would keep moist and meld flavors.   Sprinkle some dried oregano over top of butter and venison.

    * Boil some potatoes and small carrots in bay infused water for about 10 minutes to precook them

    *  Mix the veggies in pan with venison and tossed veggies lightly with rosemary, including the onions

    * Oven had been preheated to 500F:  put pan with meat and veggies in oven and immediately turned temperature down to 350 and baked for 10 minutes

    * Out of oven, sat for 5-6 minutes and sliced for a perfect meal, served on top of bulgur wheat

    * Serve with fresh cabbage that had been simmered in chicken stock simmer

   The wine marinate is to remove any gamey taste in case the deer meat was not aged upon harvesting.  Best practice is to age the meat immediately after harvest for minimum of 1 week but not more than 3 weeks.   The aging tendorizes the meat and the marinate is not necessary.  

For more information on processing the deer harvest go here.

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