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Here is a basic recipe that can be amended as you see fit,

1 cup fresh, firmly packed dry herbs
3/3.5 cups vinegar

Yield is approximately one quart.

    Gently wash the herbs, do not apply pressure as all we want to do is make sure herbs are clean and want to retain the essential oils inside the leaves.  After washing then pat dry gently or let sun dry as water on the leaves will discolor the vinegar the vinegar and make cloudy looking although that will not modify the flavor.

   Pack the herbs in dry jar to 1 inch from top,  but do not use jar with metal top unless you put piece of plastic wrap over top.  Reason is metal and vinegar don't mix well so we don't want contact. 

    You may choose to heat your vinegar prior to pouring over the herbs in the jar but we've found that not totally necessary as room temperature is fine considering the time the vinegar sets, generally 4-6 weeks.  Shake mixture every 3-4 days to mix the oils being released throughout the vinegar.  If you get impatient waiting then leave jars in sun for few days and that will speed up the process.

    Test taste and if too strong then dilute with unflavored vinegar and if not "herbal" enough then add fresh, dried herbs to taste.  After you have the desired taste then strain contents through coffee filter, or plastic strain and discard the herbs.

    Hope you remembered to put a label on your jars when you started with herbs used and date process started.

    You can learn even more on making herbal vinegars by signing up for our herb newsletter.  We discuss how to create unique gifts from your garden to share with your friends and family on special occasions.  Nothing like a herb infused vinegar gift bottle from your garden.

All for now.

   Herbanite Bob
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