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HerbFest Will Have The Below Varieties of Organically Raised, From Organic Seeds, Heirloom, Heritage Tomato Plants For Sale

Amish Paste Tomato - 6- 8 oz. red fruits.  Meaty fruit is tear-drop shaped and juicy.  Good for sauce or eating.

Beefsteak Tomato - Heirloom type.  Red oblate shape, 12 ounces.  Likes long hot summers.

Brandywine Heirloom Tomato - Large, 20 ounce, flavorful fruit.

Cherokee Purple Tomato - Dusty rose color.  The flavor rivals Brandywine.  Extremely sweet.  Productive plants, large crops of 12 oz. fruit.

 German Johnson Heirloom Tomato - Vigorous, huge, meaty 14-22 oz. pink yellow fruit that is low acid.

Gold Medal Heirloom Tomato Plant - Very little acid.  Large yellow streaked red firm and smooth.  Winner of the 2008 tomato tasting contest held somewhere.

  Green Grape Tomato Plant - Unique grape-like yellowish-green cherry tomatoes.  Extremely productive plants.  Spicy sweet 1" fruit.

Hungarian Heart Heirloom Tomato Plant - Huge pink ox heart shape with few seeds.  Great for eating fresh, canning and tomato sauce.

Kelloggs Breakfast Tomato -Large tomato - 1-2 Pounds!!, Beefsteak fruit, juicy, meaty and truly orange in color.  Great taste.

Mexico Midget Tomato - Hundreds of round1/2" fruit with solid orange meat and delighful flavor.

Moonglow Heirloom Tomato Plant - Medium-sized bright orange fruit.  Orange meat, few seeds, &
Winner of SSE's 2007 Heirloom tasting.

  Mortgage Lifter Heirloom Organic Tomatos - Beefsteak Variety -

Pineapple Hawaiian Heirloom Tomato - 28 oz. super sweet fruit.  Yellow and red streaks inside and out.  One of top heirloom tomato plants for sale.

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