Bronze fennel is a wonderful herb plant that adds color and motion to your garden and landscaping.   It's willy, wispy habit gently wafts in the breeze..

      adding relaxing motion to your yard.  The hues of reddish bronze constantly change as the angle of light is reflected.

   I thoroughly enjoy coming in from work on a hot day, pouring a chilled Chardonnay and sitting in my yard, with the sprinkler creating wonderful artsy patterns as it mists,  and the coolness of the mist drifting over me.  All the time I  watch the bronze fennel slowly drift back and forth wafting in the wind while I relax.  This is the story of the Herbanite life!!

      Bronze fennel will reseed annually and you will have an explosion of new plants yearly.  It is not difficult to determine though which of the new growths are the bronze fennel since as a seedling the color is there and it is easily recognizable if you have reached your limit on bronze fennel in your yard. 

      Bronze fennel is an edible and many people use it with fish as well as a colorful addition to salads.  The leaves can be placed on aluminum foil or on the baking dish with the fish being placed on top.   As the fish heats, the oil from the fennel is abosorbed in the meat.  Upon removing the fish it is a nice garnish to sprinkle small twigs of bronze fennel on top and serve.    The contrast of the bronze color goes nicely with white fish.

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