"Grove Park Inn Beef Stew WannaBe Made At Home Recipe"

 Ok let me tell you how this happen.   Our family spent a long 4 day Christmas weekend at Grove Park Inn in Asheville this year.  First time we had been gone for Christmas since kids born.    If you have ever wanted to go to the best spa in U.S., possibly everywhere then you have to try their spa.  Built under Grove Park Inn inside the mountain with walkways to it in caves in the structure.   Really unique.   

   Well to make a story short we dined one night there after going to Biltmore Estate and my wife and I both chose what was called "Grove Park Beef Stew".   We totally expected beef, potatoes, carrots etc. when we ordered and both of us wanted something "hearty".  Were we surprised when it arrived.  

  First was it was corned beef brisket, at most 2-3 ounces of a piece of meat slow cooked for 48 hours.  The rest of it was simply a broth with what looked like some pepper, some chives and obviously seasoned with peppers.  It was served with a large corn muffin.   Our first reaction was "for $18 this is disappointing".  That was until we ate it.   The broth was wonderful as was the meat, even though the meat only lasted for a couple of bites.

  So home and last night I decided to try it myself.  Here is my recipe and honestly it was pretty dog gone good.

  Corn beef brisket ( 3 pounds) soaked in red wine for 24 hours, 
   Took out my slow cooker and cooked for 10 hours on "low" , 

   Put corned beef brisket, ( had sprinkled on it the seasoning package included with many briskets) in a stock of:

   1 cup of wine used to soak, 
   1 cup of beef stock, 
   1 cup of chicken broth
   1 quarter inch slice of jalepeno pepper
   2 cloves of garlic

  After cooking for 10 hours then added in chopped green onion stalks and served with Southern style biscuit ( Pillsbury pre made as I cant' do flour stuff no matter how hard I try so I gave up about 2 years ago).

   The results for such a simple dish were "comparable" to what we had at Grove Park Inn.   Put it this way, my socially correct wife, Liza J. , was "sopping" with her biscuit and asking for more!!  

   Easy to make and the key I think is the combining of the beef and chicken stock which sounds counter intuitive.  

   If you try let me know if you like and the good thing is our brisket was about 6 ounces cut into small pieces for easier eating. 


  Herbanite Bob

P.S. image above has the brisket in hibernation so you can't see it!!!   :)
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