Avocados really are good vegetables that are very healthy ( apparently) that I use at least once or twice a week.   The problem for most is learning how to use avocados and I have a few tips on that too. 



If you doubt me on the nutrition on avocados then go here for more info. on avocados than you possibly want but is good source.  If click through doesn't work then copy and paste - into your browser. 

   Originally my problem with buying avocados was they were either too ripe or not ripe enough to use that night when I got home and I worried about them spoiling before I would use them.   One day in line I noticed lady in front of me with several avocados and I asked her how she could keep so many fresh until ready to use.  Her reply was simply I don't have that problem which befuddled me since she had about 5 of them.  Well first thing I did was buy more ( .98 cents each), and left one out on counter to ripen for use next day, and put the others in the refrigerator.   Well now I know how to save.   Put in refer until day of use, or day before and then bring out and leave on counter in a.m. when you leave.   Problem solved on good price, not long shelf life.

    I personally like the flavor of avocados ( is that the plural spelling -seems like should use an "e"?) and originally would slice and put on salad.   Well in my quest to find better ways to use another tip is to simply take the avocado, squash with a fork to make a paste.   Use the paste ( might want to season with pepper, little salt and/or cumin) and spread on tortillas as your "mayonnaise".   Great flavor, easy to use.  Then make your wrap with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, chicken/shrimp and enjoy. 
  Or take the paste and mix with EVOO, maybe touch of vinegar and create your own salad dressing.   Sometimes I do not use the vinegar but instead but in small amount of sour cream for a nice dressing that is smooth and creamy.  Of course on any use of avocados it's nice to use either lemon or fresh  lime juice to add flavor and also slows down any oxidation which preserves the green color so does not turn brownish which lacks the "eye appeal" when serving. 
  Sure you will come up with many more ways to use but we thoroughly enjoy the addition of avocados to our diet and hope you will try too.
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