Black Quachita Thornless Blackberries

     The 2012 Herbfest is the first year we sold Quachita Blackberry plants, originally hybridized at the Univ. of Arkansas.  Although we only had 20 plants ( 2 gallon containers, 1 year old, hardened outside entire 12 months in zone 7 climate )  we could tell this is one of the  healthy eating fruits our customers want.  The beauty of this plant is of course, thornless which means no major lacerations trying to pick the fruit!!!  Because it's so hardy and pest free these plants blend in well in a natural growing environment free of pesticides or other chemical agents.  

   Below is some information gleaned from Greenwood nursery on how to grow blackberry and raspberry plants as a general guide.....

HerbFest Will Have The Below Varieties of Organically Raised, From Organic Seeds, Heirloom, Heritage Tomato Plants For Sale

Amish Paste Tomato - 6- 8 oz. red fruits.  Meaty fruit is tear-drop shaped and juicy.  Good for sauce or eating.

Beefsteak Tomato - Heirloom type.  Red oblate shape, 12 ounces.  Likes long hot summers.

Brandywine Heirloom Tomato - Large, 20 ounce, flavorful fruit.

Cherokee Purple Tomato - Dusty rose color.  The flavor rivals Brandywine.  Extremely sweet.  Productive plants, large crops of 12 oz. fruit.

 German Johnson Heirloom Tomato - Vigorous, huge, meaty 14-22 oz. pink yellow fruit that is low acid.

Gold Medal Heirloom Tomato Plant - Very little acid.  Large yellow streaked red firm and smooth.  Winner of the 2008 tomato tasting contest held somewhere.

  Green Grape Tomato Plant - Unique grape-like yellowish-green cherry tomatoes.  Extremely productive plants.  Spicy sweet 1" fruit.

Hungarian Heart Heirloom Tomato Plant - Huge pink ox heart shape with few seeds.  Great for eating fresh, canning and tomato sauce.

Kelloggs Breakfast Tomato -Large tomato - 1-2 Pounds!!, Beefsteak fruit, juicy, meaty and truly orange in color.  Great taste.

Mexico Midget Tomato - Hundreds of round1/2" fruit with solid orange meat and delighful flavor.

Moonglow Heirloom Tomato Plant - Medium-sized bright orange fruit.  Orange meat, few seeds, &
Winner of SSE's 2007 Heirloom tasting.

  Mortgage Lifter Heirloom Organic Tomatos - Beefsteak Variety -

Pineapple Hawaiian Heirloom Tomato - 28 oz. super sweet fruit.  Yellow and red streaks inside and out.  One of top heirloom tomato plants for sale.